Forthcoming Events

23rd Feb HML R2

23rd&24th Feb Herts Officials Dev WkEnd

23rd: J1 Part 1 09:30

23rd: J1 Part 2 12:30

24th: Safeguarding 09:30

24th: Team Manager1 10:00

All other information

10th Mar CoStA Spring Meet @ WML (Morning & Afternnon session) (Info) CLOSED

16th&17th Mar Watford Regional Qualifier Open Meet (Info & Entry ListCLOSED

22nd-24th Mar Wycombe L1 LC (Info) CLOSED

23rd Mar HML R3

30th&31st Mar Luton LC L1 Open Meet (Info) CLOSED

16th&21st Apr British Swimming Champs

4th May Peanuts R1

4th-6th May SE East Region LC 15/O W1 @Luton (Info)

18th May SE East Region Distance @Basildon (Info)

18th&19th May Hemel Dev Meet

25th-27th May SE East Region LC 14/U W2 @Norwich (Info)

8th Jun Peanuts R2

22nd&23rd Jun Watford TD Open Meet

29th&30th Jun CoStA Club Champs L4

6th July Peanuts R3

23rd-28th July British Swimming Summer Champs

31stJuly-3rd Aug Swim England Summer Nationals

4th-17th Aug CoStA Annual Shutdown (Inclusive) (tbc)

28th Sept CoStA Sprint Night (tbc)

16th&17th Nov Watford CQ Meet (tbc)

30thNov&1stDec CoStA Winter Open Meet @ WML


Luton L1 LC March Meet - For Checking

This meet is now closed and has been processed.

Please check your entries carefully ( & let Debbie Millar know of any issues ASAP, Thursday 14th Feb 10pm.


Changes to Training: Sun10th Feb

Due to Peanuts Time Trials being held at SAS this evening, there are some changes to training:

Reception - SAS 4.30-5.30
FD - SAS 5.30-6.30
All JD and JC (regardless of age) - SAS 6.30-8.30
Peanuts aged JP - SAS 6.30-8.30
Older JP - WML 7-8
SP - WML 7-9
Club Swim - WML 7-8
SD & Masters - WML 8-9


Counties - Presentation Night

Congratulations to the swimmers, listed above, for being invited to attend this year's Presentation Evening.

The event this year is being held at:
The View,
Old Herns Lane,
Welwyn Garden City
Wednesday 6th February at 7:00pm

Parents will have been emailed the information and need to let Counties know their intentions regarding attendance.

No registration will be taken as not attending the evening.


Swimzi Shop - Now Open

The CoStA Swimzi shop is now open for orders! All details at & dont forget the CoStA discount code.


Counties Weekend 3 - Information

Session14 G800Fr: WUp 08:30, Start 09:00
Session14 B1500Fr: WUp 09:50, Start 10:20




Sat 2nd Feb
Session 11: WUp 08:30, Start 09:30
Session 12: WUp 11:30, Start 12:30 (no earlier than)
Session 13: WUp 14:30, Start 15:30 (no earlier than)
Estimated finish 16:30

Sun 3rd Feb
Session 14: WUp 08:30, Start 09:30
Session 15A (U14y Relays): WUp 12:00, Start 13:15 (no earlier than)
Session 15B: (Junior Relays): WUp 14:15, Start 15:00 (no earlier than)
Session 15C: (Championship & Exhibition Relays): WUp 16:00, Start 16:45 (no earlier than)
Estimated finish 17:35

SE Hertfordshire are not taking early email withdrawls.  The coaches / Team Manager will need to complete a withdrawl form prior to warm up for each session.  Please give plenty of notice as prior to Warm Up is a busy time and withdrawls could be missed.  

To withdraw - please email Mike Cole ( & Daniel MacDonald (, cc'ing Steve Samols ( & Celine Godfrey ( Please provide your Session Number, Swimmer Name & event details withdrawing from.

The meet conditions clearly state: Any swimmer not present when required to swim will incur a £10 administrative fee. CoStA will not incur this cost for any swimmer and will be invoicing parents appropriately.